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Austin Area Snake Identification Guide

The following information is intended to make Austin area snake identification easier for people who are not familiar with snakes. It will also help you understand why snakes may be present and what you can do to discourage them if you so desire. Many people have snake phobia and panic when they see one. Snakes are wild animals, the same as their mammal or bird counterparts, except that they cannot run or fly away from humans. They have to crawl or "slither" away, and for most people, this is not fast enough and they are killed or injured. Snakes want to be left alone, just like the other animals, and a bite from a harmless snake does not compare to one from a bird or mammal, which is usually much worse. Before killing the snakes around your house, take a few moments to review the following information.

Lists of snake species by county: Travis, Williamson, Bastrop.

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