Tim Cole
Phone: 512-83-SNAKE
Email: timcole@austinreptileservice.net
Georgetown, Texas

Educational Programs

Austin Reptile Service offers several types of programs in the city of Austin and nearby townships, which center around education on Texas native reptiles. Tim Cole maintains a sizable collection of indigenous reptiles, including lizards, harmless snakes, as well as venomous species. We also have an array of non-native species. Many of the animals are used hands-on to express the ecological importants of reptiles, and how they benefit humans. Displays often show commonly confused species side-by-side, including harmless water snakes next to cottonmouths, mexican milk snakes next to coral snakes and texas rat snakes next to western diamondback rattlesnakes - and so forth. As well, a number of posters and books are used to illustrate various points.

School Programs
Assemblies or single classroom talks. Tailored to any age or education level of students.

Safety Classes
Seminars on how professionals, who may come in contact with reptiles, should deal with them for their safety as well as the safety of the animals.

Birthday Parties
An entertaining informal display and talk about various native reptiles, and some non-native as well.

Programs outside the Austin Metro area may be available. Please contact for availability.

Other reptile related services also available upon inquiry.

For a breakdown of pricing rates, see our pricing guide.

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