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Surprise your child with live reptiles at their next birthday party!
Entertain children and adults with live reptiles at your next special event.

Austin Reptile Service provides an entertaining and informational presentation
of various live snakes, lizards, amphibians, turtles, and tortoises.

Our program is tailored for children and adults.

Want to Learn?

Austin Reptile Service displays our reptiles close-up to the children while explaining the reptile's natural history.

Want to Touch?

At the same time, Austin Reptile Service will let the children touch/pet the snakes, lizards, and tortoises.


  • $125 - 12 animals, up to 45 min program
  • $160 - 16 animals, up to 60 min program
  • $200 - 20 animals, up to 75 min program
  •   $25 - each Additional Fee Animal*

(An additional mileage charge may apply. Check the mileage chart for rates.)

*Additional Fee Animals

Dumeril's Boa, Desert Tortoise, Savannah Monitor, Argentine Black and White Tegu, Yellow-footed Tortoise

Inside or Outside

Austin Reptile Service can set up events indoors and outdoors.
Austin Reptile Service requests a shady area outside if it's too warm.

Many of our reptiles...

...are used hands-on to express the ecological importance of reptiles and how they benefit humans.

You may choose from a varied list of reptiles and amphibians or let Austin Reptile Service choose for you.

Preserve the memory of the event with unique photos of the guest of honor (or friends) holding one of our tame reptiles!

Available Reptiles

Some of our available reptiles:

  • Local/non-local non-venomous snakes
  • Very large snakes (boa constrictors, bullsnake...)
  • Assorted lizards, turtles/tortoises, and amphibians

See our full list of available reptiles:

  • girl_albino burm3-8
  • 2_boys_beardy_ballpy-5
  • boys_milk-14
  • girl_ballpy-3
  • grant froghead-edit-15
  • lizardhead-1
  • 61563661_10215448484220167_1782444627937198080_n-7
  • grantr_beardy_ballpy-edit-12
  • 61710902_10215465920696068_5517772746056007680_n-6
  • girl_albino_burm-7
  • girl_burmese_python-6
  • andrewbday_beardy_ballpy-17
  • Boy with snakes lizard-1
  • Girl snake on wrist-3
  • Girl snake on wrist closeup-2
  • Party animal case 1-24
  • snake in hand-5