Property Survey & Snake Relocation

Determine what kind of snakes may be on your property
and what you can do about them.

Tim Cole and TX Rat snake

Our Property Survey includes an overall property search,
reptile identificationphotos, and suggested remedies.

We'll provide a written Property Survey Report of our observations.

On request, we also provide Snake Removal & Relocation.


  • $100 per property survey - up to one hour
  • $75 Difficulty Fee* (Determined upon inspection)
  • $15-$25 per frame - Exclusion Services for garage door cutouts

(An additional mileage charge may apply. Check the mileage chart for rates.)

For large or difficult to traverse properties...

...Austin Reptile Service may need more than one person to do the job in a reasonable amount of time.

*Difficulty Fee
For these large and/or difficult to survey areas (such as under porches, decks, slabs or trailer/mobile homes, or in attics), ARS charges an additional Difficulty Fee (determined upon inspection).

Garage door frames...

... have cutouts that allow water and gas to escape. But, these cutouts allow small animals in!

Austin Reptile Services provides Exclusion Services that block garage door frame cutouts with a permeable material. See Prices above.

Additional Services

Additional services and traps are available. Please inquire.

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  • tim_grab_ratsnktxrat_gloves2-35
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